I have started a new forum please heplp me build this the old forum has no admin to help withlogin and new members I will up date this link on my site http://fastfairlane.createaforum.com


Hello I would like to thank Woody for the chance to carry on is work. I really wanted his work to still be online for the next generation to have a resource to go to for information. My name is Johnny and I Ihave had a 67 fairlane since I was 14 and it is my first car. I drove my Fairlane all thru high school and parked it at my parents when I went to basic training after basic I move to Atlanta and last year I brougth the car down and me and my 5 year boy are working on getting it back on the road. it turned over after all the years, I will post pictures as I work on it and please spread the word about this site I need input from the community to make this site successful. If you have any information on transmissions or electric and let me know if you see any other areas to cover. I have only seen the site on my mac so please let me know if you see any issues. Thanks


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