Dealer to Customer 1967 fairlane 427 engine disclamer


In 1967, before a Ford dealer would order a 427 Engine in a full-size Ford or Fairlane, a customer had to sign a disclaimer. This was done as a response to a lawsuit filed by a 427 Engine purchaser who was unhappy with his car after delivery. Note that Ford made no bones about the fact that the 427 Engine was to be used for racing, not street use! The text of this disclaimer is re-typed below:

High Performance Engine Operating Characteristics

In a continuing effort to satisfy every demand of its customers, Ford Division of Ford Motor Company is now producing special high performance cars and components designed exclusively for use in supervised competitive events. These special vehicles and components are not intended for highway or general passenger car use. Any customer wishing to purchase one of these special high performance Fords or Fairlanes must be made aware of the restricted use as stated above and advised of the following unusual operating characteristics:

  1. A high idle speed of 800 RPM or above is required to insure adequate lubrication and to minimize engine roughness. The long duration camshaft causes a rough high-speed idle and may result in poor low speed response. Oil consumption will be higher than normal because of increased lubrication to the valve train and cylinder wall. Gas mileage is considerably less than a conventional car due to carburetor calibration and the use of high numerical axle ratio required for good acceleration. Engine noise will be objectionable due to increased piston clearance and mechanical valve tappet clearance. The ignition system must be kept in top condition. Spark plugs and ignition points should be inspected, adjusted and replaced more frequently than would be required on a standard engine. Band adjustments must be made more frequently on cars equipped with automatic transmissions. Operating expenses will be high since premium fuel is required and frequent oil and filter changes are mandatory.
  2. A vehicle equipped with the high performance engine is designed for competition and is expected to be used for such purposes. The standard vehicle warranty coverage will not apply, and the special warranty provisions applying to vehicles equipped with high performance engines are to be explained by the selling dealer.

I have reviewed the foregoing information with full understanding of the operating characteristics and the special warranty provisions of a Ford or Fairlane vehicle equipped with a 427 CID high performance engine.

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