speed throttle control for fairlanes

Speed Throttle Control on their Fairlane's.
The part number for Fairlane's, Falcon, Ranchero and Mustang is C4AZ9B742-A. For full size Ford's it is C5AZ9B742-A. They both can still be found. I just bought a NOS one for my Fairlane for $65. The one's for the Full Size Ford's can be gotten for $20. The Speed Control or Cruise Control part number is C6AZ9A818-A but haven't been able to find it available. Attached is the installations instructions and wiring diagram for the Throttle Control. The guys might like to know that it isn't that hard to install.
Thanks to: Ed Sluss
65 Fairlane 500 Sports Coupe   for sending this in.



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