z- bar for 66/67 fairlanes

Z-Bar for 66/67 Fairlanes
    Due to a picture being worth a thousand words, I've expounded and shown the
    differences between 1966/1967 Fairlane Z-Bars.
    Hope this helps you locate the correct part that you may need.
    This information was taken from a Ford Master Parts Catalogue (65-72) Rod in Vegas
    Pictures Are Below

    UPPER BAR: Attaches to the clutch rod
    (Note: the flat stock is curved to clear the steering column. The flat stock is the same except the connection
    point (a short rounded stub) to the clutch pedal rod).
    a. 1966: The stub points towards the engine for ALL V8's.
    b. 1967: The stub points towards the inner fender well for All V8's,
    to include 6Cyl/200 engine (Before 4-13-67).

    LOWER BAR: Connects to the clutch release lever/rod
    a. 1966/1967: All V8's (EXCEPT 390). The flat stock is straight, but has two bends
    (45 degrees each) which locates the connection point closer to the engine -- about 1 1/4 inches.
    b. 1966/1967: 390/427 V8's. The flat stock is straight, but curved about 90 degrees.

    Thanks to Rod in Vegas for sending this in.



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